Friction Reducers

Celeritas Chemicals Introduces CELCHEM Anionic Friction Reducer 31804-67 & CELCHEM Cationic Friction Reducer CELCHEM 31805-67

We are pleased to introduce these high quality/value products for use in slick water fracturing (hydro-fracturing) to increase fluids flow in the formation.

Fluid can be pumped down the well-bore as fast as 100 barrels /min. to fracture the shale. Without using slick-water the top speed of pumping is around 60 barrels /min.

The addition of friction reducers allows fracturing fluids and sand, or other solid materials called proppants, to be pumped to the target zone at a higher rate and reduced pressure than if water alone were used.

CELCHEM 31804-67 Anionic Friction Reducer is an extremely efficient anionic friction reducer for oilfield brines or fresh water. It hydrates very rapidly, even in cold water, to give optimal performance


  • Works in both fresh and high brine water.
  • Functions as a highly effective friction reducer providing increased flow rates without increasing operating pressures.
  • Specially modified inverting surfactant package, for inversion in seawater and fast dissolution when it is injected into an energy mixing zone.
  • Designed to be added as supplied “on the fly”.

CELCHEM 31805-67 Cationic Friction Reducer is an extremely efficient Cationic Friction Reducer that can be used in produced water, fresh water, and acid solutions. It is compatible with like charged surfactants and additives commonly used in hydraulic fracturing, coil tubing, and wire line


  • Designed to be used on the fly in situations requiring polyacrylamide emulsions with a cationic charge to provide reduced drag and friction.
  • Our product has high level of polymer loading in mineral oil and specifically designed surfactant package help it offer the highest level of friction reduction in a rapidly hydrating manner.
  • Being cationic in charge, CELCHEM 31805-67 will coagulate with highly charged anionic fluids. Testing should be formed on entire fluid systems before being used in the field.
  • The process reportedly involves injecting friction reducers, usually polyacrylamides such as our products- friction reducers speed up the operation.

In summary, slick-water is a water-based fluid and proppant combination that has low-viscosity. Slickwater fracturing was first used in the Barnett shale. Mitchell Energy introduced the very first slick- water frack that utilized 800,000 gal. of water and 200,000 lbs. of sand as proppant. It is typically used in highly-pressurized, deeper shales, while fracturing fluids using nitrogen foam are more common in more shallow shales and those that have lower reservoir pressure

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